29 Jan
australian managed wordpress provider
11 Sep
seo with australian web hosting
30 Apr
ocsp stapling: why should i enable it for my site?
  • 25 Nov
    analysis of a wordpress pingback ddos attack

    Analysis of a WordPress Pingback DDOS Attack

    Two months ago, one of the websites we manage was hit by a wave of Distributed Denial of Service attacks, each with a changing attack vector as the systems mitigated the attacks. These started with...
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  • 17 Nov
    a simple guide to using traits in laravel 5

    A simple guide to using Traits in Laravel 5

    Overview If you have exposure to Object Oriented programming, then you will have been introduced to the concept of abstract classes and interfaces. A "Trait" is similar to an abstract class, in that it cannot be...
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  • 03 Nov
    namespaces in laravel applications

    Namespaces in Laravel Applications

    Like many languages, PHP does not allow you to have two classes with the same name at a global level.  While on the surface this may sound like a good idea, it becomes a problem...
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  • 14 Oct
    what's new in plesk onyx

    What’s New in Plesk Onyx

    With recent changes to head company structure for Plesk, we have seen them emerge as their own entity and a reinvigorated identity. The term "Plesky" is quickly becoming the adopted vernacular within the Plesk company ranks, describing their new, invigorated focus on product...
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  • 19 Sep
    reviewsignal testing: a conetix perspective

    ReviewSignal Testing: A Conetix Perspective

    When the opportunity arose to be part of an unbiased performance test which looked to be including regional focus, we decided to be part of this testing. As we are no strangers to benchmarks (having...
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