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30 Apr
  • 01 Sep
    PHP Performance - Why is it important

    PHP Performance – Why is it important

    Performance is an area which many of us agree is important, but which, for many of us, perhaps doesn’t get the attention it should. Why? It’s like many things which sound technical; we love them,...
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  • 20 Aug
    WordPress 4.3: What's New

    WordPress 4.3: What’s New

    WordPress 4.3 has just been released, with this latest version named “Billie” after influential Jazz singer Billie Holiday, with a real focus on adding an extra layer of polish to the world’s premiere Content Management System (CMS). My...
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  • 31 Jul
    Docker Compose: A Quick Intro

    Docker Compose: A Quick Intro

    So far in our Docker series we’ve covered What is Docker, Docker Basics which just prised the doors open of what Docker can do, Linking and Volumes as well as the Dockerfile to create custom...
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  • 23 Jul
    Why You Should Use PDO Instead of MySQLi

    Why You Should Use PDO Instead of MySQLi

    Databases, what would web applications be without them, especially when you’re working with PHP. OK, that’s not a completely fair statement to make, as there’s a wide variety of data sources available for modern applications....
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  • 16 Jul
    "Plugins" - The unseen Security nightmare

    “Plugins” – The unseen Security nightmare

    If you have been around PC's long enough you will remember the early days of Windows and the quest by some people to litter their task bar with tools and utilities possibly thinking it was cool...
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