This article will guide you through the process of creating a Google Maps API key for embedded maps on your website.

Many plugins and themes offer this functionality however an API key is always required and should be properly generated and secured.

Google Maps API key is free for low usage but billing needs to be configured on your account.


  1. Log into the Google Developers Console using your Google account:
  2. Select Organisational G Suite Account if you are logging in with a GSuite account or Individual Google Account if you are using a gmail account:
  3. Ensure Create a Project is selected and click Continue:
  4. Name your API Key something easily identifiable, like your website name.
  5. For Application restrictions select HTTP Referrers (websites):
  6. In the Accept requests from these HTTP referrers (websites) enter your domain name:

  7. Click Create:
  8. You should now be redirected to a page that displays your fresh new Google Maps API Key.
  9. You will also be able to copy the key using the copy button:
  10. You can now paste the key into the plugin or theme requesting an API key.

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