WooCommerce Critical Vulnerability – July 2021

Overview A critical security vulnerability has been identified in WooCommerce and the WooCommerce Blocks plugin, necessitating an emergency update. This update needs to be applied immediately to keep your site safe. Managed WordPress Customers Conetix will install the...
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WordPress Shows 404 Errors After Migration

Overview After a WordPress website is migrated to Conetix from your old provider or developer, you may notice that some or all of the links on the website produce a 404 error. This is usually because the .htaccess...
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Installing and Configuring WP Mail SMTP

Overview This article aims to guide you through installing and configuring WP Mail SMTP. This plugin is a drop in SMTP configuration plugin that can be used to send emails from your website via different methods. Instructions Log...
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Insecure Password warning: Managed WordPress

Overview Conetix offers Managed WordPress Hosting as part of our hosting services and this features a number of additional items such as managed updates, managed backups and increased security. As part of this increased security, we take a...
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Clearing WooCommerce Transients

Overview WooCommerce stores some information about users visiting your site in order to suggest products based on their browsing history, as well as a number of other background tracking tasks. This information is stored as WordPress transients, which...
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Debugging the W3 Total Cache Page Cache

Overview W3 Total Cache (W3TC) is a WordPress caching plugin which features advanced caching tools including high speed page caching. While for most websites it works out of the box, some pages may not be cached and this...
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Keeping your WordPress website secure

Overview WordPress is a fantastic Content Management System (CMS), which allows for a highly flexible and functional website. As the most popular website system in the world, this means it’s also a high value target for hackers to...
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Clearing WooCommerce Sessions

Overview If you’re running a WooCommerce shopping cart within your website, there are a number of maintenance tasks you need to undertake to keep it operating in optimal form. One of these is tasks is ensuring that your...
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Installing WordPress using the WordPress Toolkit

Overview This article aims to guide you through installing WordPress via the Plesk WordPress Toolkit. Installing WordPress is something you may do weekly, the Plesk WordPress Toolkit makes this task quick and easy. Process Logging into Plesk Login...
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Creating a Google Maps API Key

Overview This article will guide you through the process of creating a Google Maps API key for embedded maps on your website. Many plugins and themes offer this functionality however an API key is always required and should...
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WordPress 4.6 Upgrade – Requests Conflict

Overview   Now that WordPress 4.6 has been released, they have included the Requests library as part of the changes to the HTTP API. This is a good thing in the fact that it brings greater flexibility and...
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Customising the WordPress Toolkit Maintenance Page

Overview This article will take you through the process of modifying the Plesk WordPress Toolkit maintenance page. At times you may wish to display a custom message when your site enters maintenance for a long period of time....
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Why wont my paid WordPress plugin update

Overview WordPress allows you to install plugins from external systems, which are normally paid plugins with advanced functionality. As these plugins can't be directly updated via the standard system, they generally require a license key to be added to...
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WordPress 5.5 jQuery Issues

Overview Version 5.5 of WordPress has included changes to jQuery to bring it up to modern development standards. For many years, WordPress has been shipping with jquery-migrate to ensure sites didn’t break where plugins and themes have been...
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How to change a site URL in WordPress to “www”

Overview This article outlines how to set the URL for a WordPress site to www.domain-name.com , instead of domain-name.com. This requires making changes to settings via your WordPress Admin and your hosting account. For this example we will be using conetixtest.com. ...
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WordPress: How to Install the Classic Editor Plugin

Overview With the release of WordPress 5.0, the updated Gutenberg editor will be installed by default and all existing WordPress installations which update to 5.0 will also receive this new editor. While there are a number of fantastic...
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Configure and use the One Click Login to WordPress via Plesk

Overview This article details the process of setting up and using the One Click Login to WordPress through Plesk. Instructions 1. Navigate to the relevant Subscription in Plesk. 2. Open the WordPress Toolkit by selecting WordPress in the...
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WordPress Site Health

Overview In version 5.2, WordPress added the Site Health feature to assist in diagnosing potential issues with your site. While this has been a welcome edition to WordPress, some of the warnings and errors need further information for...
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Plesk Onyx – WordPress Toolkit Password Reset

Overview This article describes how to reset the password of an existing WordPress admin user for a site using the WordPress toolkit in Plesk. This can be handy if you've forgotten your password, or the email address used for...
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Creating a reCAPTCHA API Key

Overview This article aims to guide you through generating a reCAPTCHA key for your contact form. Instructions Using your Google Account Log into https://www.google.com/recaptcha/admin/create Login to the admin console with the button in the top right labeld “Admin...
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Reset your WordPress Password

Overview Passwords for WordPress Users are Encrypted making it impossible to recover them if they have been forgotten. However, there is a simple password reset procedure where you will be require to use your email address for verification....
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Plesk WordPress Toolkit: WordPress Login Button not appearing

Overview This article will help you link your WordPress site through the Plesk WordPress Toolkit so that you can login to WordPress directly from Plesk. If your site is already configured, you should see the WordPress Toolkit options...
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WordPress Toolkit -enable/disable maintenance mode

Overview When a WordPress website enters maintenance mode, the website’s content is hidden from visitors without being changed or otherwise affected. Visitors accessing your website while it’s in maintenance mode see the maintenance screen instead of the website...
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How to change a WordPress theme in Parallels Plesk 12

Overview The following article demonstrates how to change the WordPress theme used by a subscription in Parallels Plesk 12. This article is for themes that are already installed, such as the default WordPress themes.  Instructions Once logging in...
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Fixing a compromised WordPress website

Overview If you’ve had a security incident where your website has had a security vulnerability exploited, it’s important that you ensure that you not only fix the security vulnerability but you fix any changes made as well. It’s...
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Create a WordPress Backup with Updraft Plus

Overview All customers on our Managed WordPress plans sites are able to create and download their own backups as they require them. By default, Updraft Plus will prompt to create a backup before perform any updates but it's also...
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How to Add a Facebook Like Button to WordPress

Overview You can add the Facebook famous "Like" (or Recommend for a more business like term) to your posts and increase their popularity. Instructions Login to your WordPress Admin Site. You can do this directly into WordPress, or if...
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Plesk VPS: WordPress Login Button not Appearing

Overview This article will describe how to fix a common issue that occurs in Plesk where the WordPress Login button does not appear under the Subscription. If the site is configured correctly, you should see the following under your...
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How to Install New WordPress Plugins in Parallels Plesk 12

Overview The following support article demonstrates how to installed new plugin WordPress via Parallels Plesk 12. This article uses the plugin “Contact Form 7 Integrations” as an example, however you should only install plugins that you require and are...
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Remove WordPress installation from Quarantine

Overview This support article describes how to remove a Website’s WordPress Installation from quarantine, specifically within the WordPress Toolkit in Plesk. This should only be done if you are certain that the site is not infected, or in...
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WordPress Debugging

Overview On occasions, low level WordPress debugging is required to help narrow down issues. These problems can range from errors on the page to simply seeing a white page without any content. The verbose WordPress debug logs provide...
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Installing and Configuring WordFence

Overview This article aims to guide you through Installing and configuring WordFence with Conetix recommended settings. WordFence adds an additional layer of security for your website to help keep it secure through features such as brute force detection...
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How to add an event in WordPress using Event Manager

PLEASE NOTE: The following article is intended for use with the WordPress plugin "Events Manager". This software is third party software and Conetix does not endourse or is affiliated with the software or its provider. Conetix does not...
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WordPress Toolkit: Broken Instance

Overview Scanning for WordPress instances within the WordPress Toolkit can sometimes result in a broken instance being detected over your working instance. While there are many reasons for this, we will be covering the most common reason the for the WordPress Toolkit finding...
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How to set up fail2Ban in Plesk 12 for WordPress logins

Overview Fail2Ban is a new feature in Plesk 12 that allows users to set up filters to block ip addresses to prevent things like brute force attacks. The following support articles outlines how to configure Fail2Ban for WordPress....
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How to add a new post in WordPress

Overview This article describes how to add a new post and picture into a WordPress website. This article has was written using screenshots from WordPress 3.8.1, so they may appear a little different depending on the version on...
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How to enable WordPress debugging in Plesk Onyx

Overview If you are experiencing issues with a plugin or particular WordPress configuration, you can enable the detailed debug logs to capture detailed information to help determine the cause. Traditionally this required manually editing the WordPress configuration file...
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WordPress XMLRPC Vulnerability

Overview A part of the standard WordPress package, Pingbacks allow remote blogs to notify your site when they have linked to your content. Unfortunately, hackers have found a way to exploit this in order to cause a Distributed...
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Plesk Onyx: Allow header based authentication for WooCommerce

Overview The WooCommerce REST API allows external systems to connect into your WooCommerce store from external software. This can be used to syncronise products, conduct inventory control, Point of Sale (POS) integration and store testing (such as Robot...
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W3 Total Cache Installation

Overview W3 Total Cache is one of the most useful plugins for any busy website or for those who want users to have the fastest experience possible with your site. Used by the likes of Mashable and Smashing...
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How to delete a WordPress theme in Parallels Plesk 12

Overview The following support article demonstrates how to delete an existing theme in WordPress via Parallels Plesk. WordPress comes with a number of pre-installed default themes. If they are not being utilised by the site, it is recommended...
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Set PHP Timezone for a Website

Overview Most PHP applications (eg WordPress) set the required date/time within the application, so that it's a user configurable option. Prior to PHP 5.4, PHP would default to the server timezone, however PHP 5.4 upwards now default to UTC...
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