This article will provide details on how to use the Plesk File Manager.

Before you begin editing files for any website, whether it’s to test a new feature or troubleshoot a problem, it is important to perform a backup to ensure that any changes can be reverted.


1. Create a Manual Plesk Backup by following the article here.

2. Navigate to the relevant Subscription and Select ‘File Manager’ as shown below:

3. Once you have opened the File Manager, navigate to a File you wish to Edit.

4. Once you have found the relevant File you wish to Edit, select the Stack Icon on the far right side of the File as shown below:

5. You have a few options to choose from. Select ‘Edit in Code Editor’.

6. Once you have opened the File in the Code Editor, make the relevant changes and select ‘OK’.

‘Save As’ allows you to Save the File as a Modified Copy and the ‘Apply’ Button allows to Save the file and continue to make changes.

Selecting the ‘Reset’ Button will reset the file to it’s original state.
The ‘Cancel’ Button will exit the file and will not save any changes.

7. You can also open Files in the HTML Editor. This allows you to customize your site while it is loaded.

8. Make your changes and select OK.

You have successfully edited a File in the Plesk File Manager.

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