This article covers how to cancel one of your active hosting services or products with Conetix.


Conetix strongly recommends that you back up and download a copy of all of your data located within the cancelled service before the termination date, to prevent data loss.


  1. Log into your Conetix Account.
  2. Click on Services from the left-hand menu, then choose My Services under it.
how to cancel a service
  1. Click Manage next to the service that you wish to cancel.
how to cancel a service
  1. From the right-hand menu, under the Actions section, choose Request Cancellation.
how to cancel a service
  1. Complete the cancellation request form;
    • Fill out a brief Description for your cancellation.
    • Choose the Cancellation Type for when the service should be closed (Immediate or End of Billing Period).
    • If you have the domain name related to the service registered through Conetix, you may tick whether or not you wish to have the domain automatically renew or not going forwards.
    • Once complete, click the Request Cancellation button.
how to cancel a service
  1. Your cancellation request will then be sent through to the Support team for processing.
    If you have selected Immediate cancellation, your related services will be automatically terminated at 10AM the following day.
    Otherwise if you have chosen End of Billing Period, your service will be scheduled to be terminated prior to it’s next renewal date.


If you require any assistance, please contact the Support Team on 1300 789 260.

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