Within the WordPress Toolkit, you may get the message:

PHP version used by this site has reached End Of Life and is not supported by PHP team anymore. Using outdated PHP versions poses a security risk for your website. Update your PHP version to ensure the security of your site.

This will look something like:

outdated php version detected

PHP has a very short support period per version and they encourage upgrading frequently. Thankfully, this is quite easy with Conetix as we support multiple PHP versions and allow you to choose.

As of December 2022, WordPress only officially supports PHP 7.4 and has “beta” support for 8.0, 8.1 and 8.2. All of WordPress core is fully functional with these versions, however there may be some warnings or deprecated function calls. Support for PHP 8 varies with plugin and theme developers, with some major plugins and themes not fully supporting PHP 8 and above yet.


We recommend remaining on PHP 7.4 until WordPress officially supports PHP 8.0 and above and you have confirmed all plugins and themes you’ve chosen to use support it as well. This means the error message above will remain as PHP 7.4 has just recently reached end of life.

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