If you have created a secondary user with in your Plesk subscription (eg, for your web developer), leaving it enabled when it's not required can be a potential security risk. Rather than deleting it and re-adding when it's required, you can simply disable the account until it's requried again. This will prevent the user from being able to login to Plesk or via FTP.


  1. Login to Plesk.
  2. Select the subscription the user is connected to.
  3. Click on the users tab:
    plesk onyx - disabling a user
  4. Click on the name of the user you wish to disable.
  5. Click on "Change settings":
    plesk onyx - disabling a user
  6. Untick "User is active" and then click "OK"
    plesk onyx - disabling a user
  7. You have now successfully disabled the user. 
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