This support article describes how to install an SSL certificate for your site. This is to provide an encrypted (HTTPS) version of your site. Conetix offers SSL certificates as part of our services and will install to your hosting free of charge. However, if you have purchased the certificate from an external provider or transferring the certificate from existing hosting then you can follow the instructions below.

Please note that this is for an old version of Plesk, please find an updated version of this procedure here: https://conetix.com.au/support/install-paid-ssl-certificate/


  1. Log into your hosting Control Panel.
  2. Click on the Website & Domains tab:
    plesk onyx - install ssl certificate
  3. Click on SSL/TLS Certificates > Add SSL/TLS Certificate:
    plesk onyx - install ssl certificate
  4. Enter a Certificate Name e.g. mydomain_ssl
    plesk onyx - install ssl certificate
  5. You have the option to upload the certificates by files or text, either way will work.Upload Files:
    Locate the corresponding files on your computer then Upload Certificate
    plesk onyx - install ssl certificate

    Upload Text:
    When uploading by Text you need to copy/paste the code.
    Note: The Certificate will start with the Website’s name, whereas the CA Certificate will most likely be called Intermediate.crt
    This includes for the Private Key:

    and for the SSL / CA certificates:
    plesk onyx - install ssl certificate

  6. Click Upload Certificate to upload the certificate.

Assign the certificate to your domain

  1. Now we need to assign the newly installed SSL to the hosting for your domain to activate it.
    Click on Hosting Settings:
    plesk onyx - install ssl certificate
  2. Under the Security section and to the right of Certificate select the SSL you have just installed from the drop down field:
    plesk onyx - install ssl certificate
  3. Click OK to save. You will now have the uploaded SSL certificate applied to your website.

Note: You will need to close your browser and re-open it again to force it to load the new certificate.


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