A Internet Protocol (IP) address is a unique address which determines how a computer (or in this case, your web server) communicates with the world. Modern web hosting allows this IP address to be shared amongst many sites, however you can also choose to use multiple IP's to help isolate customers. This can be beneficial where you don't have full control over the website and want to lower the risk of other sites being affected if there's spam email being sent from the server.

Note: In most instances, you'll need Conetix or your hosting provider to provision the additional IP's to the server first. You'll also need to ensure you have access to the DNS for each site as well, otherwise the changes will break the sites. 


  1. Update the DNS to point to the new IP address you'll be using (your host should provide this to you). 
  2. Navigate to the subscription that you want tyo update the IP for.
  3. Select Web Hosting Access:
    plesk onyx: update ip address per hosting subscription
  4. Select the desired IP from the drop down menu and click OK.
    plesk onyx: update ip address per hosting subscription
  5. Ensure you're getting the updated DNS record on your local PC and test the site.
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