At times you may need to provide your clients with direct access to their Plesk subscriptions so they're able to self manage some aspects of their hosting This article takes you through providing a clients access to their specific Plesk subscription.


  1. Log into your Plesk Server as the Administrator:
  2. On the left hand side, click Customers:
  3. Search for your customer in the search box to the right:
  4. Your customer will now be shown.
  5. Click the customer name to enter the account details window:
  6. To supply your client a password click "Change Login Info" on the right:
  7. Generate a new password for the user by clicking "Generate": (You can view this password by clicking "Show")
  8. Once the password is generated, click "OK" and the password change will save.
  9. You can now pass on the client's username and password along with your VPS link which will allow them to log in with the above created details:
    (username can be found per below screenshot)

    Using the above information you have created will allow the client full access to their subscription and only their subscription.

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