If you’ve recently transferred an ASP or ASP .NET based website to Conetix you may find some of your previously working references are no longer found on the new server. This article contains general advice on how to better future proof your application. These errors most commonly present per the below example but can show in many other ways:

resolving .net dll dependencies

If your application relies on a non-standard reference such as Telerik or other custom libraries the recommendation for security and portability reasons is to upload the reference DLL(s) to the ‘Bin’ folder of the application which is typically ‘httpdocs/bin’.

You can do this via FTP or via the Plesk File Manager in Plesk.

Can Conetix Install a DLL for me?

Conetix only supports default libraries on our Windows servers. If you have a specific DLL or reference library that your project requires to work; you must include the reference(s) to the project via Visual Studio.
Microsoft provides specific instructions on this here:

Can I Use a Reference in the Global Assembly Cache (GAC) ?

If your project reference is included in the GAC by default it can be used by your application however we strongly recommend against using the GAC as it is set to be deprecated and removed as of .NET and .NET Core 5.0:


If the above is confusing or doesn’t make sense Conetix highly recommends engaging with a development professional that can assist.

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