In order to ensure your data remains safe, Conetix supports and enforces the latest Transport Layer Security (TLS) across it’s services. TLS is the protocol which is used to encrypt your data while it’s being sent across the Internet, so it’s critical to ensure the latest standards are in use to protect the data.

This current TLS versions for all Conetix systems are:

ServiceMinimum VersionSupported Versions
Web1.21.2 & 1.3

If your software (for example a payment gateway for WooCommerce) is reporting issues, you can refer to our article on enforcing TLS 1.2 within the plugin or code.

For customers who have their own Virtual Private Server (VPS), Conetix can also update your system to enforce these latest standards for you and your customers too.

Newer TLS versions also provide increased performance for your websites, with TLS 1.3 adding a number of new features which are automatically enabled for you.

Incompatible systems

As we have outlined in our article on Out-of-date Software, older and unsupported software doesn’t receive the latest security and feature updates so therefore may not be compatible. If your software is in the list, you will most likely experience issues.


Conetix unfortunately cannot support any software where the original developer or manufacturer has also dropped support.

Conetix recommends updating immediately to a supported version.

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