When you have upgraded or migrated subscriptions from an older Parallels Plesk server (before Plesk 11) to a new Plesk 12 server, you need to transition the plans so that they can be properly managed by Plesk. You will need to complete this before changing any resource allocations for your subscriptions within Plesk 12.

We recommend allowing resource over-usage to ensure there's no issues with the transition and resource changes. This can be turned back off again once the transition is complete.


  1. Login to the Plesk 12 server. If you need to transition plans, you should see a message like this:
    plesk transition notification
  2. Click on the link to bring up the transition screen. To see the customers to convert, click on the "Select Transition of Customers" tab:
    plesk 12 - transition customers
  3. You can select all customers to transition by selecting All on the right, then the Select All checkbox on the left.
  4. Under the "Apply Transition Scheme" button, select the option to use for the resource allocation. If you generally only had one domain per client, selecting "Subscription inherits from the Domain" would be the preferred option:
    plesk 12 - apply transition scheme
  5. This will pop up a confirmation dialog box to confirm the transition:
    plesk 12 transition - confirmation
  6. Tick the checkbox and select Yes. This will transition all the plans. You should now view your customer list to confirm if there are any subscriptions over the resource allocations. If you have over-usage allowed, this will only generate warnings. If you didn't previously have over-usage allowed, you will need to update these subscriptions before turning this off.
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