This article looks at how to add, remove and edit DNS records on our Shared Hosting Services, such as our Business and WordPress hosting Plans, as well as our Managed WordPress Plans

Accessing DNS in Plesk

  1. Log into the Plesk panel for your hosting subscription.
  2. Once you are in Plesk, you want to make sure you are in the Websites & Domains section, this is opened to by default when you access Plesk. However if you had Plesk open previously you may be on a different page.
  3. Next, you want to click on Hosting & DNS
  4. Now, click DNS Settings
    updating your dns records in plesk
  5. You are now in the DNS Zone, Continue below to see how to Add, Edit and Remove DNS Records.


Before managing DNS records, you can make it a little easiser by making sure you can see all records and that they are in an easy to view format for yourself

Adding Records


When adding DNS Records, you don’t need to enter in a TTL Value as the Conetix systems automatically set it to 300 seconds or 5 minutes.

  1. Click on Add Record, to begin adding a DNS records:updating your dns records in plesk
    • To Add an A, CNAME or TXT record you first need to chnage the Record type to A, CNAME or TXT.
      • For the Domain name, this is almost always left empty, if you were setting up a sub-domain such as test.youdomainname or staging.yourdomainname then you would add just test or staging into the domain field.
      • The next field is the Value field and depending on what you are setting up the name of the field will change in Plesk. For A records its Called IP Address, CNAME is Canonical name and TXT is TXT record.
        updating your dns records in plesk
    • To Add a MX records it is a little different, you still have the Domain name and the Value Field is called the Mail exchange server
      • Now you also need to add in a MX priority. If you have only 1 MX records, the priority of the records doesnt affect anything, but if you have multipule MX records the lower the number the higher the priority.
      • The Priority goes up in internvals of 5 starting at zero, and also has an option for a priority of 1
  1. Once you have verified your additions, click the Update button:
    updating your dns records in plesk

Editing Records

  1. Click the DNS record you would like to change:
    updating your dns records in plesk
  2. Modify the Domain Name field or IP Address field and click OK:
    updating your dns records in plesk
  3. Verify your changes then click the Update button:
    updating your dns records in plesk


Our example shows an ‘A’ record change. Other records such as MX or SRV may require you to edit additional priority fields.

Removing Records

  1. To remove a DNS record click on the check mark against the record and click remove:
    updating your dns records in plesk
  2. Once you have verified your removals, click the Update button:
    updating your dns records in plesk

Once a record is updated or removed it should take less than 10 minutes to become public. If your records aren’t updating after 10 minutes please contact our friendly support team.

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