Your website logs all visitors to your website in a log, which can be used to analyse issues as well as providing a quick way to review website activity. These logs are only kept for a short period and only contain basic information for diagnostics purposes.


These logs do not provide enough information for proper website statistics. We recommend Google Analytics or similar service to provide detailed analytics.


  1. Log into Plesk or the Conetix Control Panel.
  2. If you’ve logged in via the Control Panel, go to your website service, then select One Click Login:
    viewing your website access logs via plesk
  3. Within the Plesk dashboard area, select Logs:
    viewing your website access logs via plesk
  4. This will display all of the current site access logs, similar to:
    viewing your website access logs via plesk
  5. You can search for specific URL’s in the Message field, or if you only want to show 404’s then you can do so in the Code field.
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