Scanning for WordPress instances within the WordPress Toolkit can sometimes result in a broken instance being detected over your working instance.

While there are many reasons for this, we will be covering the most common reason the for the WordPress Toolkit finding a broken instance of WordPress. This article aims to take you through how to troubleshoot these broken instances and repair them.

Finding the reason for your broken instance

  1. Log into your Plesk Panel directly or via your Conetix Control Panel

wordpress toolkit: broken instance

  1. You should now see multiple tabs at the top of the Plesk Panel. Click "WordPress"

VPS customers will need to enter the subscription before seeing the WordPress option

  1. In this menu you can see your broken instance, usually indicated by the WordPress Toolkit showing no information or tools and also by the "INSTANCE BROKEN" warning on the top right.

wordpress toolkit: broken instance

If the above image is not available you should click "Scan" to find a WordPress instance.

Usually a broken instance can be attributed to a broken installation of WordPress or in most cases a second development copy is present in httpdocs as in our above screenshot. These files are preventing the WordPress Toolkit from finding your working copy of WordPress.

You can find the location of the broken installation by following the next set of steps.

Before continuing to the next set of steps. Please ensure you have a recent backup of your site. The examples in this article may not be specific to your situation.

Fixing your broken instance

  1. Click "Manage Files" on the WordPress Toolkit broken instance to be taken directly to the directory.

wordpress toolkit: broken instance

In the example above; we've been taken to a directory that contains a full copy of the site.

Note: The _MACOSX files are files specific to OSX only and only visible on non-OSX systems. They can be safely removed from your hosting.

  1. Navigate up one directory by clicking the Green Arrow

wordpress toolkit: broken instance

  1. In the directory you've been taken to, select the tick box to the left of the offending folder

wordpress toolkit: broken instance

In some cases the file will be named differently and can contain your live website. If you are unsure if this folder is important, please take a backup of the folder or contact our friendly support team.

  1. Click Remove

wordpress toolkit: broken instance

  1. Once removed, navigate back to the "WordPress" section of the Plesk Panel

  2. Click the options button indicated by the three lines above each other. Then click Detach.

wordpress toolkit: broken instance

  1. You will be prompted by Plesk to confirm the detachment, click Yes

wordpress toolkit: broken instance

  1. The Broken instance in the WordPress Toolkit has been removed

  2. To find your working instance, you should now press scan.

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