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australian managed wordpress provider
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seo with australian web hosting
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it security during the covid-19 pandemic
  • 03 Oct
    what is web hosting?

    What is Web Hosting?

    In its simplest form web hosting is just a hard drive connected to the Internet that stores all your website’s information. There are a few different types of web hosting options, each catering for various...
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  • 01 Oct
    why it’s time to move your business online

    Why it’s time to move your business online

    The Internet can seem like a daunting place when considering moving your business online.  It’s a given that the Internet has become a go-to for information and reviews on products and services. Chances are, if...
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  • 26 Sep
    web hosting lies you’ve probably heard

    Web hosting lies you’ve probably heard

    There are certain misconceptions many people have about web hosting that can become obstacles when researching and buying web hosting. Below we identify and disprove the top web hosting misconceptions. Managing web hosting is complicated With...
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  • 24 Sep
    3 myths about cloud hosting

    3 Myths about Cloud Hosting

    Myth One: It’s not secure The fact is the cloud stores all information with strict security protocols. Unlike the regular hosting services cloud hosting does not store the data in a single machine or server....
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  • 19 Sep
    top 3 benefits of using a vps

    Top 3 benefits of using a VPS

    Let’s first look at what VPS (Virtual Private Server) technology is. VPS can easily be summarised as full control over a slice of a server. A host server will normally have several VPS servers running...
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