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Where can I find my free SSL certificate?

Overview Since 2016 Conetix Web Hosting has offered FREE SSL certificates with Let’s Encrypt SSL. All our web hosting plans including VPS hosting plans come with the ability to install a FREE SSL certificate on your website. Instructions

Let’s Encrypt SSL Renewal Failure Emails

Overview Plesk – the control panel for your hosting services with Conetix – is configured to notify you if your website’s Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate fails to automatically renew itself. Such emails may appear similar to the below;...

Plesk Obsidian – How to Reissue your FREE Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate

Overview This support article describes how to reissue and enable a Lets Encrypt SSL (HTTPS) for your Website. Let’s Encrypt is a free, automated Certificate Authority (CA) which allows the rapid installation of SSL certificates. The latest Plesk...

Generate a CSR (Certificate Signing Request) for an SSL in Plesk

Overview This article covers how to generate a CSR within Plesk on a Conetix web hosting plan.If you are purchasing the SSL Certificate from Conetix directly, the support team will happily complete this process for you instead. Instructions

How to Install a Paid SSL Certificate

This article will step you through installing the Private Key, Certificate, Intermediate and root parts of the certificate.

Keep Websites Secure with SSL IT!

Overview This article aims to guide Plesk Obsidian VPS users through enabling automatic Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate renewals. This will automatically generate and enable an SSL certificate when deploying new subscriptions. Prerequisites Plesk Obsidian Installed Lets Encrypt Extension...

Plesk Obsidian – How to install a free Let’s Encrypt SSL

Overview This support article describes how to install, enable and the difference between both types of SSL Certificate provided by Let’s Encrypt. The first type is a Wildcard Certificate, with the second one being a Domain Validated or...