This article will cover how to change your email account password through the Conetix Admin Panel. 


  1. Firstly, login to the Conetix Admin Panel.  
  2. Once on the home page, select the ‘Services’ tab

  3. Navigate and select the relevant service with the emails you wish to update and select ‘Manage Product’
    Conetix Change Email Password - Manage Product

  4. Under ‘One Click Login’ select ‘Plesk’
  5. Select Mail on the left
  6. Select the email address you would like to modify the password for by clicking on the address.
  7. Click Generate to generate a password.
  8. Next click Show to see the newly generated password.
    Note this down for later use.
  9. Next click OK to save the password.

  10. You can now enter the new password on your device(s).


Once the password has been updated it will need to be updated on all devices that are accessing that email account. If this is not completed those devices will receive an error message and mail will not be downloaded.

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