This article will take you through adding a new WordPress User. You may wish to add a new WordPress user for a new employee or developer so they can access your Dashboard.


  1. Log in to WordPress on your website by either using the WordPress Login button in Plesk, or by adding “/wp-login.php” to the end of the domain in your URL bar.
    creating a new wordpress user
  2. Proceed to the Users section in the left-hand menu bar, and choose the Add New option.
    creating a new wordpress user
  3. At the following screen, you will be asked to enter the user’s details;
    creating a new wordpress user
UsernameThis will be the username that is used when logging in to WordPress.
EmailWordPress will use this address to contact the user for notifications, or when resetting their password should they ever forget it.
First NameThe first name of the person that will be using this account.
Last NameThe last name of the person
WebsiteAn optional field where you can enter a link to the person’s own website.
  1. If you would prefer the user to set their own password, proceed to the next step and follow this procedure to have them reset their password.
    Otherwise, click the Show password button to view and copy the account password, which you can then provide to the user yourself.
    creating a new wordpress user


Best practice is not to send passwords via email.
Having the user reset their password themselves is the safest option.

  1. Enable the Send User Notification option to have WordPress send the user an email advising of their new account details.
    creating a new wordpress user
  2. Select the Role for the new user. This will set their security level and permissions, as described by WordPress here:
    creating a new wordpress user 


Only grant the user with the role required for what they need to do on the website.

  1. Click the Add New User button at the bottom of the page to finish creating the user account.

You can now notify your new employee or developer that you’ve created their account.

If you have any trouble with the above please reach out to our friendly support team.

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