This article will take you through the process of modifying the Plesk WordPress Toolkit maintenance page. At times you may wish to display a custom message when your site enters maintenance for a long period of time.

WordPress also displays this custom page when you’re updating Themes or Plugins so your visitors don’t see a broken site!


  1. Log into your Plesk Panel via the Conetix Control Panel or via Plesk Directly if you have a VPS with us.
  2. Click WordPress in the left hand menu:
  3. Navigate to your WordPress instance in the now open WordPress toolkit.
  4. Click Setup on the Maintenance mode button on the WordPress Toolkit instance:
  5. You can now set a custom Browser page title, Text Blocks and Social Network Links:

  6. Once the above are customised, click OK to save the changes

Now when you update your site or place the site into maintenance for a long period, it will show your custom maintenance page:

Instead of the default page:

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