IPv6 is the next stage of IP addressing on the internet, since the 1980s it has been projected that IPv4 addresses will run out as more devices link to the internet. IPv4 IP addresses are represented by a set of 4 groups of 3 numbers separated by a full stop. IPv6 is the new format set to replace IPv4 and is represented as 8 groups of four hexadecimal digits with each group separated by a colon.

IPv6 Status

Currently Conetix does not support IPv6. We are currently undertaking preparations to implement IPv6 into our platform but there is no ETA on these works. This means if you use an external DNS service that provides IPv6 addresses or proxying via IPv6 (such as CloudFlare) your website will not resolve over the allocated IPv6 addresses.

This will cause Let’s Encrypt Certificates to fail issuing. A domain with an existing Let’s Encrypt certificate will fail to reissue if they were applied prior to the IPv6 records being implemented into your DNS zone.

To resolve we recommend removing “AAAA” records in your DNS zone for your domain.

IPv4 Example (‘A’ record)

IPv6 Example (‘AAAA’ record)


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