This Support article describes how to display detailed error messages for a website to debug ASP script errors. If you're seeing the standard IIS 500 error message, this guide will help display the errors which may be causing it.

Two settings need to be changed in IISSend Errors To Browser and Allow Detailed Errors for Remote Requests


  1. RDP to Windows VPS with administrator credentials
  2. Navigate to Start > Administrative Tools > IIS Manager > Sites > Domain.tld 
     is the website you need to enable detailed errors
  3. In the Right-hand panel, Double click ASP
  4. Under Debugging Properties, change Send Errors To Browser from False to True > Apply.
  5. To enable Allow Detailed Errors for Remote Requests.
    Double click on Error Pages:
  6. Click on Edit Features Settings:
  7. A popup window will appear > Select the radio button Detailed ErrorsOK. 


Note: It recommended to only to enable Detailed Errors to Browser when in development or debugging errors. For production systems, it should remained disabled at all other times.

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