In order for Conetix to provide accurate and timely support responses, we need to have accurate and detailed information to investigate. This article has a quick list of items to consider before contacting us.

Authority and Identification

Firstly, so that we can retrieve your account details please clearly outline the account and domain name for which the issue is occurring. As we have thousands of customers, we simply can't guess as to what website or account you're referring to.

Secondly, please ensure the support request comes from an authorised account. If the request comes from an email account not associated with your account, we first need to verify this account and that the originator has authority to act on behalf of your account. Where possible, please use the account associated with our Control Panel as this is the easiest to identify you.

If you would like your web developer to contact us directly, you can provide explicit permission for them to contact us on your behalf. Please use this guide for more information.

Detailed information

When reporting a problem, the more information we have the easier it will be to trace the issue. Details such as the exact time the issue occurred, the exact error message occurring and what steps you've taken to diagnose the problem are very helpful. Screenshots are also helpful if it helps explain the issue further.

For example, if you are reporting issues with emails not being received, we need to know the exact time the email is sent, who it was from and what email address it was sent to. As our systems process millions of emails a day, without this detailed information we're unable to trace the issue accurately.

Here's a summary of items which may help:

  • Date and time the issue occurred, including timezone
  • The web browser and operating system you were using (if applicable)
  • The exact URL being called (if applicable)
  • The email client you were using (if applicable)
  • The exact from and to address of the email (if applicable)
  • Any steps which help reproduce the error
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