List of the most common Australian ISP SMTP Servers.

ISP Outgoing Mail Server
aaNet mail.aanet.com.au
AAPT mail.aapt.net.au
Adam Internet mail.adam.com.au
Amnet mail.amnet.net.au
Bigpond mail.bigpond.com
Blink Internet mail.blink.m2.com.au
Dodo smtp.dodo.com.au
Exetel smtp.[STATE].exemail.com.au
iiNet mail.iinet.net.au
Internode mail.internode.on.net
iPrimus smtp.iprimus.com.au
OntheNet mail.onthenet.com.au
Optusnet mail.optusnet.com.au
Ozemail smtp.ozemail.com.au
Pacific Internet smtp.pacific.net.au
People Telecom smtp.syd.people.net.au (NSW)
smtp.per.people.net.au (WA)
smtp.mel.people.net.au  (Vic)
smtp.bri.people.net.au (QLD)
smtp.adl.people.net.au (SA & NT)
Spintel smtp.spin.net.au
Telstra smtp.telstra.com
Three (3G Mobile) smtp.three.com.au
TPG mail.tpg.com.au
TSN Internet mail.tsn.cc
Unwired esmtp.unwired.com.au
Virgin Mobile 3G smtp.virginbroadband.com.au
Vodafone 3G     smtp.vodafone.net.au
Westnet mail.westnet.com.au

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