All email processed through the Barracuda Spam Firewall provides a detailed log of email processed, as well as any reasons why the emails were blocked. If you need to review the blocked email? to check for false positives (where emails were blocked but are legitimate), you can use the instructions in this article to do so.


  1. Click on "Message Log" under the "Basic" Tab:
  2. Set the desired filter options. For showing blocked messaged we recommend selecting "Blocked Messages" and  setting this to "is true":
  3. If you only can see half the columns, you can click on the blue arrow:

    Block reasons list

    Barracuda Reputation blocklist The IP that the email was sent from is known to be used for malicious reasons and therefore blocked.
    Reverse DNS  If a reverse DNS entry is missing from the sending mailserver, the email is blocked.
    Virus The email or attachment contains a virus or malicious code. 
    Zero Hour intent When then email was scanned it found a link to a Website that is known to be malicious or has been infected with malicious code. 
    Finger Print The email has a digital fingerprint known to be malicious or spam. 
    Score When the email was scanned, the type of words, phrases and attachments contributed to a score of how likely the email was spam or not and will be blocked once the threshold is reached.
  4. If you need to filter the mail log more you can press the "+" button and add another row of filter. 

  5. If the email you are looking for is not on the first page, you can click the next page arrow to see the next page of results logged in the system.

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