The Mail App for MacOS has very simple user-created mailboxes that function as folders which you can sort your mail into. This article will detail the process of setting these folders up, and will show you how to delete them.

Creating a Mailbox

1. Open up the Mail App from the Dock or your Applications Folder.

2. Navigate to the Mailbox Tab in the Status Bar.

3. A new prompt will open up asking you where to create the new Mailbox. We recommend setting up the mailbox on your email, not your Mac to ensure that the Mailbox is synced across all of your devices.

4. Enter the Mailbox Name and select OK.

The new Mailbox will show up on the left hand side under your email account as shown below:

Deleting a Mailbox

1. Right click on the Mailbox you are wishing to delete.

2. Select Delete Mailbox.

You have successfully removed a Mailbox from the MacOS Mail App.

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