At times, Conetix will be required to migrate mail between services or from a different hosting provider to consolidate your services with us. This article outlines the process taken, as well as a number of common questions we get asked. This process typically takes 2-5 days, depending on the amount of mailboxes, ensuring we get the correct information and the migration team availability. During the early stages, we'll be able to provide firm dates and times for email cutover, working with you to minimise any disruption. 

Rest assured, Conetix has a dedicated migrations team who have extensive experience in email migration as well as a strongly regimented set of procedures. 

Our process is as follows:

email migration process
  1. We identify the accounts to move. This may involve getting a copy of all accounts either via your IT support or via a login to your existing hosting environment.
  2. Next, we run a background migration, where all mail is copied in the background to our servers (or to Office 365, depending on the mail service you've purchased).
  3. Then, we run a final syncronisation of the mail just before we're ready to cutover. This is to capture the emails you've sent or received since the time the migration started.
  4. Finally, your emails are cutover to us. This may require changes to your email client and if so, our team will have scheduled a time with you to step you through the process over the phone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What information do I need to provide for a mail migration?

A: This will depend on the type of migration, however we typically need the following: 

  • Location where your mail is currently stored (eg, your current hosting provider or local Microsoft Exchange server)
  • A list of all email accounts and passwords
  • DNS access (if not hosted with Conetix)

The migrations team will confirm what information is required during the early stages as we identify the accounts to migrate.

Q: Will my email be down during migration?

A: Unless your current email provider (not with Conetix) is having issues, we migrate mail in a way which doesn't cause any downtime. During the final stage, there may be a requirement to change email configurations however this doesn't cause any mail loss. For Office 365 customers, we also provide free access to our Barracuda Anti-Spam service, so that it can redeliver any emails for up to two weeks as well. 

Q: Are there any costs involved with the migration? 

A: If required, there's a cost of $20 per mailbox to cover the cost of the software licensing to manage the email migration. Conetix will however confirm any costs upfront well before starting the migration, so that there's no surprises or hidden fees.



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