Microsoft have streamlined their mail setup process to make it easier for accounts to be setup. However in the process they removed some functionality which is required to setup non-relayed mailboxes.


  1. Check you are on a affected version, and check that you are using outlook 2016 v1707 or newer – https://www.conetix.com.au/support/article/determine-which-version-outlook-you-are-using
  2. Close Outlook
  3. Download our registry file from: Outlook2016SimpleMail

    Note: All registry changes come with an inherent risk, please makes sure your backup's are up to date. 

  4. Double click on the file and click Run, Yes, Ok.
  5. Restart your pc. 
  6. Setup your mail as per https://www.conetix.com.au/support/article/new-mail-account-setup-outlook
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