At times you may need to receive mail from a particular sender regardless of the message content or reputation of the sender domain. In those instances you should ‘Whitelist’ the senders domain.

We recommend this action only when you are confident that the sender will only ever send legitimate safe emails as ‘whitelisting’ a domain means it is no longer checked for spam content or viruses.

This article will take you though the steps required to add an email address and/or a domain to the ‘whitelist’ within Spam Experts.


  1. Access the Spam Experts system via your preferred method:
    If this is a standalone subscription you can access via our Control Panel otherwise you can access via Plesk directly.
  2. Once you are in the management area for Spam experts, scroll down until you find the section Incoming – Protection Settings then click “Sender whitelist”
    spam experts - whitelist email/domain
  3. Click “Add whitelist sender”
    spam experts - whitelist email/domain
  4. If you are ‘whitelisting’ for only a specific recipient set the “local-part” to the recipient minus their domain. Otherwise we recommend leaving this field blank.


would have a local-part of ‘info’

  1. Under Sender Flag you can choose 1 of three options shown below
    spam experts - whitelist email/domain


Apply to Envelope Sender will apply the ‘whitelisting’ if the sender matches the address field.
Apply to From: Address is similar to Apply to Envelope Sender but can be different.
Apply to both does both options. We recommend this option.

  1. Enter the email address you would like to ‘Whitelist’ in the address field.


If you are looking to ‘whitelist’ any sender from a domain enter the domain into the address field per the below:

If you’re ever unsure about ‘whitelisting’ and email address please call our friendly support staff for assistance.

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