This support article describes how to update the saved password for your IMAP/POP email account in the Thunderbird email client. You may need to do this if you have recently changed your email account password.


  1. Open the Thunderbird Email client.
  2. Click the Settings icon in the bottom-left of the window.
    thunderbird – update imap/pop email password
  3. Next click Privacy & Security –> Saved Passwords…
    thunderbird – update imap/pop email password
  4. The Saved Logins window will appear, which is where you will update the saved Password for your Conetix-supplied Email Address.
    In this example we are updating the password for the Email Address of
    thunderbird – update imap/pop email password
  5. Click on the Email/Username so it is highlighted, then click Show Passwords.
    thunderbird – update imap/pop email password
    You will be prompted to confirm to show passwords – click Yes.
    thunderbird – update imap/pop email password
  6. Next, double-click in the Password field next to your email address (Username), delete the previously saved password, then type your new/current password in.

    Please note that some customers may be using their Internet Provider’s Outgoing Server, in which case the saved Outgoing password does not need to be updated.
    Only update the password for the Outgoing server if the Username is your Conetix-supplied Email Address.

    Incoming server will start with either imap:// or pop://
    Outgoing Server will start with smtp://

    Once finished, click Close to save your changes.
    thunderbird – update imap/pop email password
  7. You have now successfully updated the saved password for your email account. If necessary, you may need to restart Thunderbird before the changes take effect.

This article was written for Thunderbird (for Windows) version 102.5.0.
Your interface and layout may differ depending on your version of Thunderbird.

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