What is the Registrant name field for .AU domain names?

The registrant name on a .au domain name is the name of the person or organization that has registered the domain name. This information is publicly available in the WHOIS database.

The registrant name is important because it is the person or organization that is legally responsible for the domain name. This means that they are responsible for the content of the website hosted on the domain name, as well as for any trademarks associated with the domain name.

Can I hide the registrant name com.au?

No, you cannot hide the registrant name for a .com.au domain. The Australian Domain Administration (auDA) requires that all .com.au domain names have publicly available registrant information. This includes the registrant’s name, organization name, address, email address, and phone number.

The auDA believes that displaying this information is important for transparency and accountability. It also helps to protect consumers from fraud and abuse. For example, if a consumer has a problem with a website, they can easily contact the registrant to resolve the issue.

Am I eligible to hold a .com.au Domain name?

The following types of ABNs are eligible to hold a .au domain name:

  • Australian businesses
  • Australian government agencies
  • Australian educational institutions
  • Australian non-profit organizations
  • Australian individuals

To register a .au domain name, you will need to provide your ABN to Conetix. We will then verify your ABN with the Australian Business Register (ABR).

If your ABN is not eligible to hold a .au domain name, you may still be able to register a domain name with a different extension, such as .com or .net. However, you should check the requirements for the domain extension that you are interested in before registering a domain name.


For more information on domain eligibility check our article here

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