Cancelling Automatic Domain Renewal

Overview This article describes how to cancel the automatic renewal of your domain via the Conetix Control Panel. Instructions Log in to the Conetix Control Panel.  Click on the blue ‘Domains’ button at the top of the Control...
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Enabling ID Protection on a Domain Name

Overview Protecting your private information on the internet is extremely important. Conetix understands the importance of keeping your information and data safe. This is why we offer ID Protection on our domain registrations. You can enable ID Protection...
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Domain Name Renewal Emails

Overview When you cancel a Domain through Conetix whether it be by email or the admin portal you will continue to receive emails informing you that a domain that you have registered is going to expire in X...
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Disabling Domain Auto Renewal

Overview This article will take you through the steps of disabling Auto renew for a Domain in the Conetix Control panel. Instructions Login to Conetix Control Panel. Click on “Domains”: Search for the Domain you want to disable...
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What do I require to register a domain name?

Overview In order to register a second level domains (2LDs) in the .au domain space you need the following requirements.   Instruction: In order to register a (2LDs) domain name, you'll need to be eligible. To be eligible, registrants need...
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Conetix Control Panel: Retrieve Domain EPP Code

Overview This article will detail the process of retrieving the EPP Code of a domain with Conetix. Instructions 1. Log into the Conetix Control Panel. 2. Open the Domains Drop Down Menu on the left hand side and...
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How do I modify my nameservers?

Overview This article will detail the process of updating a domains nameservers through the Conetix Control Panel. Instructions 1. Log into the Conetix Control Panel using your provided credentials. 2. In the left hand menu, open the Drop...
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Transferring a Domain to Conetix

Overview Keeping your domains under one roof makes domain management a breeze. This article demonstrates how to transfer a domain to Conetix and what is required to complete it successfully. Transfer Requirements To transfer a domain name, you...
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Certificate Transparency Support

Overview Certificate Transparency is an extension of the current SSL issuance and monitoring system to provide publicly auditable logs from Certificate Authorities (CA's) so that the detection of mistakenly issued or maliciously acquired occurrences can be easily detected....
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How do I manage my Domain Names?

Overview This article will detail how to manage your domain names through the Conetix Control Panel. Instructions 1. Log into the Conetix Control Panel. 2. Open the Domains drop down menu on the left hand side and select...
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Domain Registration Scam:

Overview There are a number of scams related to domain renewals, some try to trick you into renewing with a different company while others try to trick you into registering domains you don’t require (and usually at inflated...
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Domain Registration Scam: Domain Renewal Group

Overview One of the most complained about domain renewal scams comes from a company called "Domain Renewal Group". This company scours your details from domain registrars (which by default is publicly available) and produces a renewal notice. The...
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Who is auDA?

Overview auDA, the Australian Domain Administrator is a legal Australian body responsible for the administration of .au domain names. auDA is the policy authority and self-regulatory industry body for the .au domain space. It is formally endorsed by the Australian...
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How to update your name server records

Overview When you register a domain, the provider of the domain registration will require you to configure the name server records for the domain name you registered. This is needed so that people trying to find your website...
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Domain Registration Scam: Hongkong IP Network Ltd

Overview This scam is one that is has been around for awhile. The wording differs but the general theme is the same. An email is received making claims that a company is about to register a domain name matching...
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