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This article will detail the process of adding an additional User to your account through the Conetix Control Panel. A User can be used by a developer to have access to your account through Conetix with restricted permissions.


1. Navigate to the Conetix Control Panel and Login.

2. Click on your profile and select ‘User Management’ as shown below:

conetix control panel: add a new user

3. To add a New User to your Conetix Account, enter their Email Address under the ‘Invite New User’ section as shown below:

conetix control panel: add a new user

4. To limit the User’s access to your Services, Billing, etc., ensure you tick the ‘Choose Permissions’ option, and only Tick the checkboxes for the Permissions you want the new User to have access to:

conetix control panel: add a new user
In this example, the selected permissions grant a Developer access to the hosting services and domains, but not to the Billing or Support area.

5. Once you have configured the Permission for the account, you can go ahead and click ‘Send Invite’ to have an email sent out to the email address supplied.

6. The new User will need to follow the steps in the invitational email to set their Name and Password for their User account.

You have now successfully added a User to the Conetix Control Panel.

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