• Conetix Control Panel Login Credentials


This article will detail the process of setting a Sub-account through the Conetix Control Panel. A Sub-account can be used by a developer to have access to your account through Conetix with restricted permissions.


1. Navigate to the Conetix Control Panel and Login.

2. Click on your profile and select ‘Contacts/Sub-Accounts’ as shown below:

3. To add a New Contact to your Conetix Account, open the drop down and select ‘Add New Contact’ as shown below:

4. Fill in the details of the Contact you would like to add.

5. Tick the box ‘Activate Sub-Account’ as shown below:

Here, we are able to edit the Password for the account and what Permissions the new account will have.

6. Once we have configured the Permissions and Email Preferences for the account, we can go ahead and select ‘Save Changes’. You have now successfully added a sub-account to the Conetix Control Panel.

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