Protecting your private information on the internet is extremely important. Conetix understands the importance of keeping your information and data safe. This is why we offer ID Protection on our domain registrations.

You can enable ID Protection on your domain name during the domain registration process. You can disable and re-enable it at any point.


We strongly recommend enabling ID Protection as leaving it disabled will leave your information publicly available on WHOIS searches. Leaving this information publicly accessible can put you at risk to spam emails and scam calls.


1. To enable ID Protection, login to the Conetix Control Panel and navigate to My Domains.

enabling id protection on a domain name

2. Navigate to the domain you wish to enable ID Protection for and select Manage.

3. Select Addons on the right hand side.

enabling id protection on a domain name

4. Select Buy Now for $0.00AUD. Conetix offers domain ID Protection for FREE. An Invoice for $0 will be issued and ID Protection will be enabled.

enabling id protection on a domain name
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