SpamExperts provides you with the option to create internal SpamExpert accounts for each of your email addresses, granting your email users the freedom to manage their own spam filtering. With this feature, the hosting account owner no longer needs to constantly monitor and edit the spam filter, allowing for more efficient management of your email system.


  1. Login to your Conetix account
    how to manage users in spamexperts
  2. Click Services:
    how to manage users in spamexperts
  3. Click “Manage Product” next to “Professional SpamFilter – Inbound”:
    how to manage users in spamexperts
  4. Click “Log In To Panel”:
    how to manage users in spamexperts
  5. Scroll down to the bottom of the left-side menu and under Users & Permissions, click the Manage email users tab.
  6. Click Add to create a new user.
  7. Enter the preferred username.
  8. Create a password, then enter it again to confirm. The password must contain:
    • At least six characters
    • At least one uppercase letter or digit
    • At least one lowercase letter
    • No spaces
  9. Click the Save button.
  10. Repeat these steps for each email user you would like to create.


You have now created a User in Spam Experts to log in Click here!

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