Many clients prefer to use existing email systems their familiar with but not specific to their domain, for example hotmail.com or gmail.com. This includes all ISP based email as well, such as bigpond.com.

If you configure all of your email to be forwarded through to this address (eg to ), then it means spam email can be forwarded as well. Unfortunately, this can result in email being blocked at the end mailsystem (hotmail.com).

Solution #1

If this email is critical to your business, then we strongly recommend not forwarding to an external service. Services with Conetix offer the ability to use a webmail based email service as well or you can consolidate multiple accounts from a desktop based mail client such as Outlook.

Solution #2

Some external services such as gmail.com allow you to POP the email. We have a guide on this here: https://conetix.com.au/support/setting-mail-gmail/


As gmail.com is an external service, we cannot provide any support in regards to issues setting the mail up in this manner.

Solution #3

If neither of the solutions above work, all spam email must be set to delete instead of flag.

  1. To do this, login to your account via Plesk or the Conetix Control Panel and select Mail Accounts:
    issues with forwarding email to external services
  2. Select your account with the forwards by clicking on it, then select Spam Filter on the right-hand side:
    issues with forwarding email to external services
  3. Ensure that the filtering is enabled and set it to delete instead of modifying the subject:
    issues with forwarding email to external services
  4. Before saving, click on Show Advanced Settings and lower the threshold to 6.5 or even 6.0 if your end mailbox is receiving spam:
    issues with forwarding email to external services
  5. Click OK to save.


There is a small possibility that false positives (emails the system thought were spam but actually legitimate) will be deleted as well. Again, we strongly urge you to use Solution #1 as it’s the only which will guarantee email deliverability.

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