You may receive an email with the details “Phish delivered due to an ETR override“, with information about en email and who it was sent from.

These appear per the below example and are always from :

microsoft 365 alert - phish delivered due to an etr override

This essentially means that an email sent to your account made it through the spam filtering system and was later discovered by Microsoft’s system as a Phishing (fake) email. A warning is then sent to allow administrators to take actions such as informing users and requesting they delete it.

Why did I receive this?

If you are a Microsoft 365 customer with Global Administrator permissions to your Microsoft 365 tenancy, you will receive critical security notifications as part of this delegated permission set.

Conetix has Anti-Spam systems in place which have 99.999% accuracy. This does mean that at times, some emails may make it through which are spam, phishing or similar as no system has 100% accuracy.

What Can I Do?

Conetix recommends you check if the phishing message is legitimately spam. If it is you can train Spam Experts to recognise these messages as spam using our article on training your spam service: https://conetix.com.au/support/train-antispam-filter-mark-messages-spam/


If you’re unsure if a message is legitimately spam, our team is happy to double check for you.

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