If you are a Microsoft 365 customer with Global Administrator permissions to your Microsoft 365 tenancy, from time to time you may see an email from the Office 365 Alerts team advising of an informational alert being triggered.

These appear per the below example and are always from :

microsoft 365 alert - phish delivered due to an etr override

For Microsoft 365 subscriptions Conetix takes a multilayered approach by scanning incoming messages with Spam Experts before passing the message to the Microsoft 365 service where it’s then scanned again by the Microsoft spam and phishing protection service.

No one service is 100% accurate at stopping spam and as such there is a chance a phishing message may get through, when this happens global administrators are alerted via email.

What Can I Do?

Conetix recommends you check if the phishing message is legitimately spam. If it is you can train Spam Experts to recognise these messages as spam using our article on training your spam service: https://conetix.com.au/support/train-antispam-filter-mark-messages-spam/


If you’re unsure if a message is legitimately spam, our team is happy to double check for you.

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