As a business with many thousands of customers, we rely on an automated billing system to schedule and process invoices, payments and reminders. If you have received an overdue notice, this has come from our automated system and is to ensure your system keeps running without disruption.

Conetix does not have contracts in place, so all billing is on a month by month basis by default. We also offer 3, 6, 12 and 24 monthly billing cycles for those who wish to cut down the number of invoices they receive.

Please read and review our Terms and Conditions to fully understand your obligations in regards to payment.

Payment Options

Conetix has 3 different payment methods available.

We highly recommend you use one of the automated methods to avoid disruption to your service.

  • Credit Card: Visa/MasterCard/Amex (automated)
  • Direct Debit:Gocardless (automated)
  • Bank Transfer (manual)

We have simple to follow guides on Setting up Direct Debit and How to add a Credit Card available so that you can easily automate your payments.

Unfortunately, we cannot accept cash or cheque based payments.

Payment Terms

By default, all of our services are month-by-month (and we do not bill in advance) so the invoice is due at the start of the month or at the start of your service renewal cycle (depending on which is applicable). Our default payment terms are 7 days to allow time for bank transfers to go through.

Here’s a diagram to help explain the automated process:

conetix billing options

The system will only send a reminder after 14 days and won’t take any action for 30 days. This is to ensure you’ve had sufficient time to pay the invoice, even if you’ve forgotten and received a reminder.

Missed a Payment?

If you’ve missed a payment or have a legitimate reason for a delay, please just reach out to our team to work out a plan to assist.

For larger corporate clients and government departments, we can also offer 30 day payment terms.

How do I view previous invoices and payments?

All invoices and payments are emailed out, however you can login at any time to retrieve a copy. We have an article on How to view invoices and payment statements to guide you through the process.

How do I view a statement?

In order to reconcile your account from time to time you may require a full or part account statement, the following link on How to generate a statement will guide you through the process.

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