When transferring a domain from another provider/registrar to Conetix there is generally a wait time until it completes. Throughout a transfer your domain/website will remain online, however, during the process, you won’t be able to make any adjustments to your nameservers or whois contacts so we recommend doing this before initiating the transfer.

AU domain transfers

Including .com.au, .net.au, .org.au, .id.au extensions typically take exactly 48 hours to transfer from the time which the transfer authorisation link is clicked. If a domain transfer email is not approved, it will time out and not complete.

gTLD domain transfers

Including .com, .net, and .org among others typically take 7 days from the time the transfer is placed. gTLD domains do not require a transfer link to be clicked and will be moved automatically.

These time frames are not guaranteed and they can take less or more time depending on a variety of circumstances.

For more information on transferring your domain to Conetix please click the button below;

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