This article aims to advise you on accessing Spam Experts via your Conetix Control Panel. Spam Experts is a mail filtering product, which is effective against removing 99.9% (or greater) of all spam emails and viruses. Occasionally, you may need to login to the Spam Experts control panel to review false positives or review the reason for an email rejection.


  1. Login to your Control Panel:
    Managing Spam Experts - Conetix Control Panel
  2. Click Services:
  3. Click “Manage Product” next to “Professional SpamFilter – Inbound”:
  4. Click “Log In To Panel:
  5. From here you can now view the incoming mail log. This shows a running list of each email received and why they were blocked.
    Managing Spam Experts
  6. Reasons for a block are visible under the status column on the left:
  7. If an email is incorrectly marked as quarantined you can release it by clicking the drop down on the right.
  8. Then click Release from quarantine:

    If you are unsure why an email has been quarantined please contact our friendly support staff before releasing the email.

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