This article shows you how to access Spam Experts via your Control Panel for the purpose of forwarding quarantined messages. Conetix uses Spam Experts to filter 99% of viruses and spam. Occasionally, you may need to login to the Spam Experts control panel to review false positives or review the reason for an email rejection.


  1. Log into your SpamExperts panel either via the Standalone Product, or via Plesk (depending on your setup).
  2. Click on Spam Quarantine to view all emails currently in the filter’s quarantine.
    This shows a running list of each quarantined email from the last 30 days.
    spamexperts - how to release quarantined messages
  3. All quarantined emails will be automatically listed for you, however you may also use the Query Rules to look for certain emails by clicking the New Rule button to set a search rule, then clicking the Search button to update the list.
    spamexperts - how to release quarantined messages
  4. If you’d like to check the specifics on why an email was quarantined, tick the following boxes under “Columns to be displayed“, then click the Search button again;
    spamexperts - how to release quarantined messages
    • Main Class
    • Sub Class
    • Extra Class
    • Error Class
  5. If an email is incorrectly marked as quarantined you can release it by clicking the drop down arrow next to the email, then click Release from quarantine:
    spamexperts - how to release quarantined messages

    If you are unsure why an email has been quarantined, please contact our friendly support staff before releasing the email.

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