Third Party Authority for a Web Developer

Authorisation If you would like your web developer to contact us directly, we first need explicit permission from an existing administrative contact for your account. You can do this by sending an email to with the following...
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Simple PHP Mail test

Overview This is a handy little script to help test your hosting to ensure you can send emails from PHP based sites which include a contact form or similar. This includes CMS systems such as WordPress and Joomla as...
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Does Conetix keep backups of my website?

Overview Conetix keeps a rolling backup set of all our servers for a period of two weeks. These backups are intended to be used for disaster recovery and should not be relied upon as a backup when making...
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Tuning Apache Web Server Keepalive

Overview The default configuration for the Apache Web Server provides a set of safe options to enable Apache to perform well in a lightly loaded environment. One key parameter is “Keepalive” which is normally off.  For a content...
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Preventing Contact Form Spam

Overview At times, malicious users will take advantage of contact forms on websites to see if they can exploit them to send out spam email. Sometimes this can be just a minor annoyance where you receive hundreds of emails...
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How to change a site URL in WordPress to “www”

Overview This article outlines how to set the URL for a WordPress site to , instead of This requires making changes to settings via your WordPress Admin and your hosting account. For this example we will be using ...
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Set PHP Timezone for a Website

Overview Most PHP applications (eg WordPress) set the required date/time within the application, so that it's a user configurable option. Prior to PHP 5.4, PHP would default to the server timezone, however PHP 5.4 upwards now default to UTC...
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Plesk Onyx Set X-Content-Type-Options Headers

Overview Addional headers can be added to your website in order to prevent some of the basic, mime over-rides. For example, for sites which allow users to upload content and media a cleverly crafted JPEG image could be...
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WordPress Toolkit: Broken Instance

Overview Scanning for WordPress instances within the WordPress Toolkit can sometimes result in a broken instance being detected over your working instance. While there are many reasons for this, we will be covering the most common reason the for the WordPress Toolkit finding...
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Fixing a compromised WordPress website

Overview If you’ve had a security incident where your website has had a security vulnerability exploited, it’s important that you ensure that you not only fix the security vulnerability but you fix any changes made as well. It’s...
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Maintaining staging and development sites

Overview A common occurrence when when working on large sites is to spin up a copy of the site as a staging or development copy of the live website to make changes to. While this is a great...
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Change Plesk Document Root

Overview A Document Root is the path that your web server stores the files for your website. For example, if you run WordPress then this directory contains all of the core WordPress files, themes, plugins and images. By...
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