MySQL – Performance Tuning and Optimisation

Overview MySQL is a highly versatile and high performing relational database management system making, used by many web based packages such as WordPress, Joomla and Magento. While the default configuration offers reasonable performance, there’s always ways to ensure...
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How to Enable for Fail2Ban for Plesk 12

Overview Note: An updated version of this article to suit Plesk Onyx is available here: Plesk Onyx – Enable Fail2Ban. This article will show you how to enable Fail2Ban within your Parallels Plesk 12 based Virtual Private Server (VPS). This was...
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Plesk Onyx: Increasing PHP FPM Max Children

Overview Plesk uses the PHP FastCGI Process Manager (FPM) to manage PHP processes per website. Compared to the older FastCGI, this allows for greater isolation and control when there are multiple sites on the one server. By default, Plesk...
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How to enable email relay in Plesk for a VPS

Overview The following support article demonstrates how to enable email email through a Virtual Private Server (VPS). Instructions Once logged into Plesk, from the “Server Management” tab on the left, click on “Tools & Settings”. Under “Mail” click...
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Plesk Obsidian Advanced Monitoring

Overview One major upgrade to the Plesk Obsidian release (2019) was the Advanced Monitoring extension. This added easier to follow graphs and will provide more advanced features in the future as well. Interpreting the Graphs CPU While having...
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How to reactivate a suspended subscription in Plesk

Overview The following support article demonstrates how to re-activate a suspended subscription in Plesk. Instructions Once logged in to Plesk, click on “Subscriptions”. Tick the suspended subscription you wish to reactivate. Then under “More Actions”, click “Activate”. The...
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Install PHP Soap on CentOS 6 VPS

Overview SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) is a lightweight, XML-based protocol for exchanging structured information between distributed applications over native web protocols, such as HTTP. It's used by popular applications such as Magento and SalesForce to allow integration and exchange of...
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MySQL – Converting to Per Table Data for InnoDB

Overview The InnoDB data format is a data storage engine, which provides greater data reliability and performance enhancements over the older MyISAM format. As of MySQL 5.5, InnoDB is also now the default data storage engine. By default,...
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Increase Fast-CGI timeout for Plesk

Overview For a Plesk 11.5 installation, the default timeout for FastCGI scripts is 45 seconds. This is too low for systems which run have update processes (eg WordPress or Joomla), or if you are running intensive scripting. Instructions To...
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How to set maximum email size in Plesk for a VPS

Overview The following support article demonstrates how to set the message size of emails for a VPS. This is the limit set for both incoming and outgoing emails to the server. Please be aware that many other email...
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How to Change the Timezone within Plesk

Overview This support article demonstrates how to change the timezone for a virtual private server (VPS) in Plesk. Unless otherwise specified, all VPS’s are set to GMT +10:00 Australia/Brisbane time. If you're located in a different timezone (eg...
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How to install the Lets Encrypt Extension for Plesk 12.5

Overview This guide will show you how to install and configure the Lets Encrypt extension on a Plesk 12.5 based Linux server. Lets Encrypt is an initiative from the Internet Security Research Group (ISRG), which has been formed by companies such...
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Using Redis with W3 Total Cache for WordPress object caching

Overview Out of the box performance of WordPress is quite fast with the latest PHP 7 enabled, however once you start to add increased amounts of functionality (such as eCommerce platforms) this performance can slowly degrade. If you...
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How to turn off Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration

Overview This article shows you how to disable the Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration (ESC) for Administrators on a Microsoft Windows 2008 R2 system. While Conetix highly recommends this setting is left on, some older software has compatibility...
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Simple PHP Mail test

Overview This is a handy little script to help test your hosting to ensure you can send emails from PHP based sites which include a contact form or similar. This includes CMS systems such as WordPress and Joomla as...
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