MySQL Backups via Plesk (phpMyAdmin)

Overview This article will guide you through taking a backup of your MySQL database via Plesk, using the inbuilt phpMyAdmin utility. This highly recommended to do before running any website upgrades (eg Joomla or WordPress) or when  Instructions...
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Plesk: WordPress 30 Second Installation

Overview Think it’s impossible to install WordPress in under 30 seconds? Think again! This article will show you how easy it is to take advantage of the one click installation features of the latest Plesk 11.5. Instructions Login...
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How to set an Individual Email Autoresponder (Out of Office)

Overview This guide is intended for an individual user as they can only login and change their own email settings. For Administrators with Control Panel login please use this article: How to set an Email Autoresponder (Out of Office). This...
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How to change an email account password in Control Panel

Overview This support article demonstrates how to change or reset the password on an existing email account. For this example, the password for "" will be reset. Instructions Within the Control Panel, click on the "Mail" tab.  Enter...
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How to add a new FTP account in Plesk

Overview The following support article demonstrates how to create a new FTP account in a subscription within Plesk. Instructions Once you have logged into Plesk, click on “Domains” and then the domain for which you want to create...
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