Configure and use the One Click Login to WordPress via Plesk

Overview This article details the process of setting up and using the One Click Login to WordPress through Plesk. Instructions 1. Navigate to the relevant Subscription in Plesk. 2. Open the WordPress Toolkit by selecting WordPress in the...
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Migrating Websites to Conetix using Plesk Site Migrator

Overview This article serves to guide affiliate customers though migrating websites or customer websites to their VPS with Conetix via the Plesk Site Importer. Instructions Log into your Plesk server hosted with Conetix Select the subscription where the...
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Changing Log Rotation via Service Plan in Plesk

Overview This article aims to guide you through modifying the log rotation schedule via the Plesk service plan on your VPS. Logs are an important part of hosting websites, they allow the quick diagnosing of website issues and...
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Moving Email to Conetix via Mail Importer

Overview This article will guide you through importing email from an external IMAP server onto your subscription with Conetix.This article is suitable for VPS and shared hosting customers and assumes the source inbox is not pointed to Conetix...
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Customising the WordPress Toolkit Maintenance Page

Overview This article will take you through the process of modifying the Plesk WordPress Toolkit maintenance page. At times you may wish to display a custom message when your site enters maintenance for a long period of time....
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Remove WordPress installation from Quarantine

Overview This support article describes how to remove a Website’s WordPress Installation from quarantine, specifically within the WordPress Toolkit in Plesk. This should only be done if you are certain that the site is not infected, or in...
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Keep Websites Secure with SSL IT!

Overview This article aims to guide Plesk Obsidian VPS users through enabling automatic Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate renewals. This will automatically generate and enable an SSL certificate when deploying new subscriptions. Prerequisites Plesk Obsidian Installed Lets Encrypt Extension...
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Plesk License Key is Invalid

Overview If you’ve attempted to login to your Plesk based Virtual Private Server, and see the following error: The error does not mean the license key is invalid but simply that the server has run very low on...
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WordPress Site Health

Overview In version 5.2, WordPress added the Site Health feature to assist in diagnosing potential issues with your site. While this has been a welcome edition to WordPress, some of the warnings and errors need further information for...
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Change Plesk Document Root

Overview A Document Root is the path that your web server stores the files for your website. For example, if you run WordPress then this directory contains all of the core WordPress files, themes, plugins and images. By...
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