Plesk Windows set ASP.NET version for a Website

Overview Depending on the Website code a site may require a specific version of Microsoft ASP.NET If you require ASP.NET version 2.0 – 3.5 you need to select version 3.5. If you require ASP.NET version 4.0 to 4.5 you...
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How to check what version of PHP you are running

Overview There are a few ways to check what version of PHP you are running. You'll also be able to see your PHP configuration, as well as what PHP modules you have available. The following outlines how you can...
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Plesk Onyx – Restoring from backup

Overview This article will provide an overview of the process to restore from a backup of your website via Plesk Onyx. Especially when undertaking changes to your website, ensuring you have a backup of your site is very...
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Creating a reCAPTCHA API Key

Overview This article aims to guide you through generating a reCAPTCHA key for your contact form. Instructions Using your Google Account Log into Login to the admin console with the button in the top right labeld “Admin...
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Plesk Onyx – Plesk Backup Disk Space Usage

Overview This Support Article describes how to view Diskspace Usage by Plesk Backups created for your hosting subscription. If you have received a notification in regards to excess resource usage or your VPS is running out of space, you can...
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Plesk Onyx – Scheduling a Backup

Overview This article will provide an overview of the process to setup a scheduled backup of your website. A scheduled backup will provide you with a historical copy of your site for future reference. This is a great way to...
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Plesk – Reset FTP password

Overview This Support article describes how to reset the FTP password for a Plesk hosting subscription. Instructions Once logged into the Control Panel / Plesk login select Website & Domains tab: Next click on FTP Access: Click on the...
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W3 Total Cache with CloudFlare

Overview If you have a WordPress site running through CloudFlare, you can explicitly tell CloudFlare to cache the pages as well as the static media. By default, only the static media will be cached. This is because CloudFlare...
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Viewing DNS records (Zone File)

Overview DNS or Domain Name System translates web addresses in to IP addresses. DNS’s are stored in a zone file, which can be accessed via the main Conetix Control Panel.  Instructions Open your browser to Click on All My Domains under Domain...
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Let’s Encrypt certificate expiration notice

Overview If you've used Plesk or similar to install an SSL certificate for your website via Let's Encrypt, you may receive notifications about certificate expiry notices directly from Let's Encrypt. These notices should be considered to be a notice...
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Out Of Date Software

Overview Many people are still running software which they may not realise is out of date and therefore unsupported by the original manufacturer. Unfortunately, if it’s unsupported by the original manufacturer then Conetix is unable to provide technical...
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Clearing a W3 Total Cache’s Page Cache

Overview W3 Total Cache is a plugin which adds caching to your WordPress site in order to make it faster. When using the Page Caching module (recommended by Conetix), it will store a copy of the page so that...
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Plesk: WordPress 30 Second Installation

Overview Think it’s impossible to install WordPress in under 30 seconds? Think again! This article will show you how easy it is to take advantage of the one click installation features of the latest Plesk 11.5. Instructions Login...
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Plesk Obsidian – Restoring from backup

Overview This article will provide an overview of the process to restore from a backup of your website via Plesk Obsidian. Especially when undertaking changes to your website, ensuring you have a backup of your site is very...
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Plesk Onyx: Create an Additional Administrator User

Overview Plesk allows for the creation and management of multiple Administrator Accounts. Administrator Accounts are accounts that have access to wide range of settings and features within the Plesk Control Panel. Having multiple Adiministrator Accounts can be useful...
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Plesk Onyx – Schedule Plesk Backup to FTP Storage

Overview This support article describes how to Schedule a Backup task using the Plesk Backup Manager and send the backup to an FTP storage location. Instructions Log into Hosting Control Panel or Plesk. Click on the Website & Domains tab...
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Plesk Onyx – How to add an Email Alias

Overview This support article demonstrated how to add an email alias to an existing email account. This can be used when you want to be able to use generic email accounts but have the email delivered to an...
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Plesk Onyx – Install WordPress via Plesk Application

Overview This article describes how to install WordPress using Plesk's in-built application feature. Instructions Log into your Control Panel / Plesk hosting Next click on the Applications > Install(Custom) Next WordPress install files will be downloaded: Accept the accept terms of the...
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WordPress Toolkit -enable/disable maintenance mode

Overview When a WordPress website enters maintenance mode, the website’s content is hidden from visitors without being changed or otherwise affected. Visitors accessing your website while it’s in maintenance mode see the maintenance screen instead of the website...
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Plesk Onyx – Website Files Disk Space Usage

Overview This article shows you how to determine what files and directories are using space within your hosting subscription. This can be a great place to start if you’ve received a notification in regards to excess usage (eg, Resource...
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Accessing FTP Securely in Plesk

Overview This article will cover how to configure and connect to a Plesk website via the File Transport Protocol (FTP) securely using FTPS (FTP with SSL). By default, FTP uses unencrypted communications which means anyone who is able...
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Joomla Remote Code Execution Vulnerability

Overview The Joomla security team have just released a CRITICAL patch to fix a Remote Code Execution vulnerability within Joomla. This affects every version from 1.5 through to 3.4.5 (including 2.5 releases). This exploit is already out in the wild...
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Add a Domain Alias in Plesk

Overview Domain Aliases can be used to redirect traffic from one domain to another, which is a common scenario if you have both a ".com" and "" domain registered. This guide shows the setup of an alias pointing traffic from...
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How to set up a scheduled Task (cron job) in Plesk Obsidian

Overview The following article demonstrates how to set up a scheduled task (cron job) in Plesk Obsidian and Plesk Onyx. This is required for some sites which require a scheduled task for mailouts, updates and any other maintenance tasks....
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Plesk Onyx – Install SSL Certificate

Overview This support article describes how to install an SSL certificate for your site. This is to provide an encrypted (HTTPS) version of your site. Conetix offers SSL certificates as part of our services and will install to your hosting free of charge. However,...
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Plesk Onyx – Creating a Manual Backup

Overview This article will provide an overview of the process to setup a manual backup of your website. A backup should always be taken before you: Make any changes to your site Update any software or install new...
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How to Enable DomainKeys Spam Protection in Plesk 12

Overview This article describes how to enable DomainKeys for Spam protection in Plesk 12 and Plesk 12.5. DomainKeys is an e-mail authentication system designed to verify the DNS domain of an e-mail sender and the message integrity. This helps to ensure...
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How to setup Google MX records

Overview This support article will show you how to update your MX records in order to host your email with Google Apps.  Instructions Login to the Conetix Control Panel ( Click on the "Home" tab > In the...
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Plesk Obsidian – Editing Files in Plesk File Manager

Overview This article will provide details on how to use the Plesk File Manager. Before you begin editing files for any website, whether it’s to test a new feature or troubleshoot a problem, it is important to perform...
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Plesk Obsidian – How to ZIP Files and Directories

Overview As with most hosting panels, Plesk allows you to add files to a ZIP archive to allow easy downloading of files. This can be particularly handy if you wish to download your whole website without downloading each...
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Previewing or Developing a website before making it live

Overview For most new websites, you generally want a way of either completing a final preview or working on the site without affecting the current version of the website. Depending on your preferred workflow, there of ways you...
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How to Remove a Subdomain in Plesk

Overview If you have an old subdomain you no longer need we recommend you remove the domain to reduce your hosting resources and to keep your other websites secure. This article will take you through removing a subdomain...
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Converting from HTTP to HTTPS

Overview With the focus on all sites to be secure (ie, via HTTPS), the conversion of existing sites to be SSL based connections is becoming virtually mandatory for all sites. If you've seen "Not Secure" listed in your URL...
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How to Install New WordPress Plugins in Parallels Plesk 12

Overview The following support article demonstrates how to installed new plugin WordPress via Parallels Plesk 12. This article uses the plugin “Contact Form 7 Integrations” as an example, however you should only install plugins that you require and are...
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What Are the Conetix Nameservers for DNS?

Overview Conetix provides free DNS hosting as part of any web hosting, VPS or domain registration. To take advantage of this system, you will need to update the nameserver settings at your domain registrar (if it’s not Conetix)...
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Plesk Onyx – Increasing your outgoing mail limit.

Overview By default, Conetix sets an outgoing email limit within Plesk to prevent accidental misuse of email accounts for sending spam email. We recommend leaving this restriction in place and adjusting limits as required to ensure your server...
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Outdated CMS Software

Overview Just like the software on your PC, your Content Management Software (CMS) fo your website also needs to be kept up-to-date. Software such as Joomla, DotNetNuke, WordPress, Typo3, Drupal and other similar packages all require software updates in order...
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Specific Website Redirection via .htaccess

Overview If you’ve added a domain alias to redirect an existing domain to your main website, by default it will redirect all calls (via an SEO friendly 301) back to the same path on your new site. For...
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Apple iPhone: Cannot Verify Server Identity

Overview In an effort to increase security, Apple has released an update for all iOS devices (iPhone and iPad) which enforces strict security protocols in order to try and protect user data. This can cause existing email configuration to...
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Plesk Onyx – How to remove a Email Alias

Overview This support article demonstrates how to remove an existing email alias which is no longer required, or change from Email Alias to its own Email Account/Mailbox. After the email alias has been removed, emails will bounce to...
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How to forward your email

Overview This support article shows you how to add and forward your email to another account. Forwarding email is handy when you have multiple accounts or for when staff members leave and you want the emails sent through...
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Improve MySQL Database caching

Overview In most Linux systems, the MySQL database instance installed by default is often configured to a safe range of parameters to ensure stable operation. The query caching settings are typically not enabled or set very conservatively. As...
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Plesk 12.5 – Update PHP version

Overview Plesk 12.0 and 12.5 allow for multiple PHP versions to be installed on the same server and set per website. This article describes how to switch between different PHP versions in Plesk Control Panel. Instructions Log into your hosting Control Panel...
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How to select a different PHP version under Plesk Onyx

Overview Plesk Onyx has optional PHP versions available which gives you the ability to set different interpreter versions per website / domain hosting. This article will step you through the process of selecting a specific version for your website. Instructions Log in...
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Blocking access via a .htaccess file

Overview If you want to block access to a directory on your website or to all of your website, you can do this via a simple Apache .htacess file. This file allows you to override some of the...
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How to limit CPU usage in IIS

Overview If you are using a 3rd party .NET application in IIS, sometimes it can be beneficial to limit the CPU usage to stop the application using all available CPU. On most operating systems and especially Windows Server,...
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Does Conetix keep backups of my website?

Overview Conetix keeps a rolling backup set of all our servers for a period of two weeks. These backups are intended to be used for disaster recovery and should not be relied upon as a backup when making...
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Plesk MySQL Import fails: the SUPER privileges required

Overview If you encounter “Access denied; you need (at least one of) the SUPER privilege(s) for this operation” during a MySQL import, this could be due to the SQL dump containing DEFINER in the create statement. For example:...
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Plesk Onyx VPS: Login to your Plesk Server

Overview This article will detail the process of logging into Plesk directly via your Virtual Private Server (VPS). Instructions Open a New Tab or Web Browser and enter the Plesk URL as provided by Conetix. If you don’t have...
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